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The tool design concept and construction work are being done by UK Designers. We believe that this front end advice and study is critical to a smooth project launch.

We will give you the confidence that your project is moving forward through a controlled process (and remains under control), resulting in cost-effective production when at serial volume. On time, every time. We study the part designs to ensure they are feasible, optimised and result in robust, reliable tooling conditions for long-term problem-free production.

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Mould Design - Cortra

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Cortra Ltd has an approved toolmaker portfolio of eight mouldmakers. We are serious about quality and delivery and we only use toolmakers who share this ethos. Manufacturing
Tool Trials - Cortra

Tool Trials

All trials are attended by a UK Engineer who observes and controls the sampling process. Tool Trials
Maturation - Cortra


UK engineers strip down the moulds to the last bolt. We check every aspect of the construction. Maturation
Tool Trials - Cortra
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