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Overview of injection mould tooling. It’s especially useful for procurement/ purchasing personnel, cost estimation engineers, project managers or the sales team to increase their knowledge.

The course is one day and covers the following elements:
1. Introduction & Background
2. Injection Mould Tool Overview (purpose, construction, function)
3. Injection Machine Overview (purpose, construction, function)
4. Injection Process Overview (Elements, structure)
5. Mould Project Overview (Milestones, timelines, manufacturing methods)
6. Mould Tooling Standards (Prototype, pilot, bridge and different classes of series tools)
7. Different types of Injection Moulds (2K, 3K, Insert, overmould etc)
8. Considerations for specifying Injection Moulds

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Further information

It includes hard copy material handouts and example parts to explain the concepts discussed will be provided for detailed discussion. It can be conducted onsite at your premises or we can provide an offsite environment if preferred.

Please get in touch with me directly using the details below if you would like some more information or a quotation.

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